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FIABCI COLOMBIA Cartagena 2018 OCT 4 - 5

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Congress Intention: The City between Art and Technology

Our cities as we see them now are the cause of the re-shaping and re-planning as new technologies have appeared in the course of the human history. These technologies cause changes in different scales but as each technology is introduced it leaves its mark on the patterns and forms of the cities. In the present we are living in one of the most revolutionary times in technology and we are witnessing how new technologies are reshaping not only the physicality of our cities but also the way we planned them and our own behavior with in them. This congress will give the space for professionals in different field to express how they see our cities changing in the near future. Technologies have impacted the real estate sector in various fronts; as an example social media impacting Retail, the advancements on robotics are re-inventing the labor force in construction and new online platforms change the way we are doing business. Technologies are making changes in our cities, we need to discuss them so the result is what we want and is not just the effect of an unplanned evolution.

FIABCI an organization that represent and affiliates all real estate disciplines must open a space for interdisciplinary discussion about how new technologies are affecting the real estate sector as a whole. The conceptual juxtaposition with in the tittle of the congress “Between Art and Technology” aims to highlight the balance that we must maintain as we implement new ideas within our cities. Technologies are affecting how we are conducting business and there is a need to discuss a series of challenging and complex topics

This congress will set up a series of interdisciplinary panel discussion touching on different technology oriented Congress Theme: The City between Art and Technology challenges the sector faces in the near and not so distant future. Each panel will be composed of 5 professionals from different fields related to this particular subject. Each panelist will have a short max 10 min presentation of his view on the subject with an open round table discussion of 40 min after.



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